Constitution on 16 October 1990 as a result of desire WOs sailors veterans, retired and active professional resume a tradition whose beginnings date back to 1922 Petty Officer of the Navy League is legally recognized as an association of private non-profit ( asset), namely: a non-governmental organization, apolitical and non-profit. The granting of legal personality and WOs League inclusion in the National Register of Associations and Foundations occurred on 23 January 1991, the document was Sentinal Civil No. 10, issued as legal norms Constanţa.Respectând Court ruling establishment and operation (Law no.21/1924 and, more recently, the Government Ordinance no. 26/30.01.200) order LMMM is licit, decisive and has a character of permanence. Regarding the object of activity, it has a perfect character, patrimonial, he pursuit of social interests group, often in the guise selfless, without expecting anything in return from the recipients of servicii.Conform Statute LMMM, here is the order association and the association proposes ways and means to materialize this goal:

Art.11: The purpose L.M.M.M. is to carry out activities designed to help stimulate professional motivation, desire for performance and competitiveness development, interpersonal helping, and activities that can help to disconnect from stress vieţii.Prin these activities, conducted full compliance with the law, will continuously monitor the cultivation and development of the noble sense of professional camaraderie and gun.

Art.12: To achieve the goal, LMMM will coordinate pursuing the following objectives:

A: Popularizing the facts of weapons and achievements of outstanding professional line of associate members, and persons who do not have this capacity, but through the support it provides, demonstrates that they understand and appreciate the purpose of the league. Popularization will be done through specific activities covered both by its publication, and through central and local publications;

B: To promote camaraderie relations with NCOs, sergeants, soldiers, noncommissioned civilian volunteers and employees serving in other arms of the Romanian Army, the people who operate outside the military – either active or retired – and other organizations apolitical NGOs and local and region;

C: To promote camaraderie relations with NCOs and NCOs serving in the armies of other countries, discussions on nautical, technical, and by organizing cultural activities and tourism;

D: being firm with those members who, in various forms, violates rules of the league status, up to their exclusion from the association;

E: Establish Prize “ STAN DUMITRU “comrade killed in gun and profession during the events of 1989, the prize will be awarded annually chief petty officer promotion Military School” Am. Ion Murgescu “Romanian Naval Forces;

F: Establishment Award “ MIRON Domnaru “- the first president of LMMM – Which will be given annually to a member of the League that distinguished both by its work in the association and the professionalism and exemplary civic behavior;

G: Organization of competitions covering technical, sailing, general and sporting prizes awarded to the winner in cash and signs bearing the league;

H: Setting circles applied also to a specific technical-nautical sports in which to participate, especially the members of the association and their families;

I: The organization of sport, club, recreation, fishing, etc.., Participants being primarily associate members;

J: Organizing fun evening (proms, anniversaries, New Year etc..) Who, in addition to Associate Members may attend and others, K: Establishment of a financial system camaradereşti for mutual assistance, forming its budget by levying a special contribution to of the paid monthly as an associate member of the league.