Therefore, throughout his work, respect Statute Petty Officer of the Navy League and showed early eşicherul NGO presence, readiness to establish collaborative relationships with organizations or associations as similar or not and with the military and Romanian civil state on the forefront hovering in its strategic vision.

Not unimportant content LMMM Article 64 of the Statute, which states: Petty Officer of the Navy League does not adhere to any other public organization, not merging with another organization, in whatever form and purpose, just having the opportunity to work together, respecting , in full, the provisions of this Statute.

So L.M.M.M. was, is and will be a socio-professional association whenever you want to establish relationships with businesses outside their own existential system, but also individuals who appreciate his view, showing interest in you support projects or participate directly to their implementation.

So far, steadfast collaborators have LMMM are:

– Staff of the Navy;

– Maritime Command;

– Military School foreman Navy;

– Commanders and units in the structure of the Navy;

– Romanian Navy League;

– Admirals Club;

– Veterans Association;

– National Association of Reserve and Retired Military Personnel;

– Association “Cult Heroes”

– Ofiţerilr Navy League;

– League of professional soldiers;

– Circles military garrisons Constanta and Mangalia … The list is open!

Thanks for all the permanent willingness to be close to us, thus demonstrating not only appreciate our presence and purpose of the statute, but also how to implement the requirements paractică Statute, the path followed is one: The legal.